Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the standards in the materials used by you?

→ We have all the standards that are in accordance with the market standards targeted by our stakeholders and that meet the expectations in the industry. However, we test each of our products in international testing agencies in order to measure the lead rate in our products. Our services and production conditions are accredited by national and international agencies.

Where do you meet your raw material needs?

→ We provide zinc being our main input in production from the best mines in Bulgaria. We have the ability to provide supply the best zinc we need when necessary due to our extensive supplier network.

Are you a manufacturer or an importer?

→ We have a role as a manufacturer and an importer. We manufacture our products in our facility with a closed area of 1550 square meters in Istanbul, with an environment-friendly and human-directed approach. As an importer, we sell as Turkey distributor of CCK brand, which is Taiwan's most famous and reliable company.

How do you provide product quality?

→ We believe that product safety begins in the raw material procurement process. After the raw material is checked and no problem is found as a result of the analysis, suitable conditions are provided for the production. In process management, we perform the necessary tests at every station where the product is processed, and we provide our products to comply with the standards determined by national and international agencies and our understanding of quality. Before the delivery of the product, the requests of our customers for the control of all operations in the production process are tested and certified by international testing agencies.

How do you specify the deadlines?

→ While the product is at the order stage, we check the needs of our customers and the intensity of our production line, and specify the deadline together with our customers. We evaluate customer requests and expectations by considering our production capacity and specify the most suitable deadline.

Do you only engage in the zipper industry?

→ As TRYEA, we have been supplying raw materials to zipper manufacturers since 2009. Our target market is not only zipper manufacturers, but also all production platforms using die casting components. We are expanding our facility capacity to produce all products made of die casting components in our facility in accordance with the requests and expectations of our customers.

How do you determine your production process?

→ We supply molds for our hot chamber die casting machine in accordance with the requests of our customers. Then, we send samples from the products manufactured with these molds to our customers. We start mass production after receiving positive feedback from our customers. However, we complete the coating and painting process of the product together with our stakeholders in accordance with the requests of our customers, and deliver the product to our customers after the necessary tests and checks are performed.



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