Our Difference

Our Difference


As TRYEA, our difference from our competitors is expressed by our industry experience, quality human resources, manufacturer and distributor role, as well as the ability to produce for all areas using zipper components and die casting, and to supply materials. Our characteristics that make us who we are;

→ Our ability to produce in all accessory areas using not only on zipper components or components, but also die casting, and to supply materials,

→ Strong trade connection close to the foreign market,

→ A perfect network in material supply with advanced logistics,

→ High environmentally conscious and environment-friendly,

→ Catching and benefiting from opportunities due to our innovative, entrepreneurial and researcher role,

→ Adopting a customer-oriented product policy, considering customer satisfaction and loyalty,

→ Ability to quickly adapt to trends and changing conditions,

→ More than 12 years of industry experience,

→ An advanced industrial network with more than 150 business partners.






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Our company, which we laid the foundations of in 2009, invests in the future in the field of production.