When Was the Zipper Slider Invented?

The Zipper Slider is a mechanical tool that we utilize in almost every area of our daily life. But we rarely think about it. Sometimes it is a tool that uses for trousers. Every so often, it is a tool that uses supporting the things placed in the suitcases and keeps the items. It even reduces the negative effect of a cold by helping to cover the body. So, when was the zipper slider invented? What represents its history?

Everything You Need to Know About Zipper Slider

The modern zipper slider, invented by Gideon Sundback in 1913, is used in many key areas, from clothing to suitcases and bags to shoes. Zipper slider, an essential part of daily life, continues to be used with many various types.

What is Zamak?

Indeed, those who are unfamiliar with Zamak do not know frequently about its properties. It is preferred to be used in many various products. This material is disposed of in many areas such as automotive, furniture, household appliances, toys, clothing, etc. However, it is the more preferred and used material in die casting.