When Was the Zipper Slider Invented?

When Was the Zipper Slider Invented? What Is Zipper Slider's History?


The Zipper Slider is a mechanical tool that we utilize in almost every area of our daily life. But we rarely think about it. Sometimes it is a tool that uses for trousers. Every so often, it is a tool that uses supporting the things placed in the suitcases and keeps the items. It even reduces the negative effect of a cold by helping to cover the body. So, when was the zipper slider invented? What represents its history?


Before the invention of the zipper slider, buttons were used to close clothes. However, this was an insufficient way, and an innovative method had to be developed.


What Is Zipper Slider's History?


The invention of the zipper slider dates back to the invention of sewing machines. The first steps of the zipper slider were required with Elias Howe's invention of the modern sewing machine. The first development in zipper sliders is based on the patent got by Elias Howe in 1851 with the method named "Automatic and Continuous Clothing Closure." Howe was focused on the production of the sewing machine. Therefore, this patent application remained only the beginning for the zipper slider. For this reason, Elias Howe did not have the opportunity to be called the inventor of the zipper slider.


Whitcomb Judson, an inventor and has a patent called "Clasp Locker" contributed significantly to the invention of the zipper slider in 1893. Judson designed the system for his friend who had difficulty tying his shoes as a hook buckle that opens and closes with one hand. However, the word zipper slider was unused in this patent. For this reason, Whitcomb Judson is known as the inventor of the zipper slider but does not own the zipper slider patent.


Who Is the Zipper Slider Inventor and When Was It Invented?


Whitcomb Judson's "Clasp Locker" invention announced its name to the world. But today, Gideon Sundback recognizes as the proper owner of the modern zipper slider. Gideon Sundback worked as an electrical and electronics engineer at Universal Fastener Company, which Whitcomb Judson founded. Gideon Sundback invented the modern zipper in 1913, working on present designs at the time. Sundback obtained a patent for his invention called "Separate Fastener" in 1917. Otto Fredrik Gideon Sundback, who was born in Sweden, contributed significantly to the development of the zipper. The Royal Swedish Academy presented him with a gold medal for his contributions to engineering.


Otto Fredrik Gideon Sundback, Inventor of the Modern Zipper


After the modern invention of Sundback, works on zipper slider design have increased even more. Some of the types of zipper sliders using today can be summarized as follows;

  • Nylon Coil Zipper Slider,
  • Invisible Zipper Slider,
  • Metal Zipper Slider,
  • Molded Plastic Zipper Slider,
  • Open and Closed-minded Zipper Slider.